The Queen of Spin.

How it all Started. The Inspiration.

The Queen has always been strongly aware of the intangible benefits of PR and the difficulty in conveying messages to the media particularly those that promote a client’s quality products or range of services. This experience inspired the Queen to create the new Queen of Spin digital branding agency and  offer exposure that is not only tangible but clearly outlines the work that will be undertaken.  To optimise your branding we recommend a number of strong social media strategies utilising Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.  This approach is designed to effectively fulfil the client’s objectives in creating a strong awareness of the business and raise its profile  in the marketplace. We use an easy step by step format which not only strongly optimises your branding but it’s also proved to be very successful in delivering results in terms of growing sales and new contact opportunities.

Working with the Queen:

This will be an enjoyable experience, a learning curve for some, a work in progress for others.

The guidelines although flexible are firm offering leadership, creativity and guidance.

The queen’s prime objective is to take executives from offline to success and confidence onlineThis is an important part of building the client’s digital profile.

 Social Media and Your Online Profile:

Do you want a powerful social media footprint?  Do you want to build a strong presence online? The Queen of Spin PR packages have been meticulously researched and crafted to help you increase awareness of your business and effectively promote it online.