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Top Cyber Security is now Essential.

The Risks are High:

Identity theft, loss of personal information, cyberstalking, & bullying are just some of the risks you may encounter on SM platforms.
Here are 8 Tips to Protect Your Sites.

1. Use a strong password. The longer it is, the more secure it will be.
2. Use a different password for each of your social media accounts.
3. Consider running a VPN on your phone. It secures your private data.
4. If you have social media apps on your phone, password protect your device.
5. Be selective with friend requests. If you don’t know the person, don’t accept their request it may be a fake account.
6. Click links with caution. Social Media accounts are regularly hacked.
7. Be careful about what you share. Don’t reveal sensitive personal information i.e financial information, your mobile. The more you post the easier it is to have your ID stolen.
8. Use secured Websites and Protect your computer by installing antivirus software.

Here are some Tips to Boost your Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing is today’s hot Persuasion Tool. We have the contacts to hand pick the smart young influencers who best suit your brand and will effectively promote your business.

1. Get comfortable relinquishing (some) control.

2. Don’t expect overnight results.

3. Build long-term relationships.

4. Enjoy the Journey.

5. Establish goals and execute accordingly.

6. Follow up all important contacts.

To be Successful in Business you must Plan Ahead.

Here are 6 top tips for successful Business Planning for the New Year.

1. Schedule. Scheduling is the big game changer when you’re planning ahead.
2. Prioritise what’s important and make this your Business Plan for 2019.
3. Establish a content workflow. Keep it simple and plan ahead.
4. Sync your Email Marketing with your Social Media Marketing.
5. Do What you do Best and Plan Ahead to Build Your Brand.
6. Stay Ahead of the Game.

Maybe Your Growth Has Stalled

If sales are soft and lead generation has slowed, it might be time to look at your branding. The jolt of new energy from a visual revamp and a new campaign strategy is often enough to get customers rejuvenated. Similarly if your market segment has grown but your market share hasn’t, branding could well be the problem. A new logo with fresh creative concepts and captions for Social could be just what you need to bring customers back. Seek advice from the Queen of Spin on rejuvenating your image; beat the competition, and reboot your brand for both SM and print. It will deliver results, we promise! Why not give us a call to discuss.

The Queen of Spin’s new Diary with birthday love from Liberty of London.

Two top tips to optimise your branding.

1 Google Rankings.

Getting to the top of Google can be an expensive and time consuming task. Put your business on Google maps; this is a great way to optimise your branding. Step up your activity on Twitter and Google Plus. Be creative, energetic and watch the feedback.

2 Photos are King.

Good photography is a basic Instagram requirement. However for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you need to be creative in posting and sharing. Ideally your pics will be strong, inspirational and witty.  Be on trend and put together some clever text and quotes and make sure your photos are high res and have impact.

Two top tips to engage your audience and optimise your branding.

1. Be Authentic. It’s important to always communicate on a personal level. That way you create trust and engage genuine interest. People are more inclined to participate with your brand if they know there’s a real person behind the identity.

2. Leverage Your Network. Your friends, colleagues and social network are your biggest asset. Ask for referrals and testimonials from people you have worked for. It takes time but it will grow your business.

Three top tips to build your personal brand.

Three Top Tips to Build
Your Personal Brand
  • Be Strong
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Adventurous

Three Great  Ways to Build Your Brand.

Once you’ve created a brand you must stick to the values otherwise you’ll throw away what you’ve created. Remember your branding is your online identity so it must have the WOW factor and it must be strong like you!

Four Top Tips to Build Your Brand on Social:

1. Tell the World about Your Brand
2. Be consistent in your Messages.
3. Establish Authority to gain Followers.
4. Use Powerful Endorsements.


1. Address excuses. Countless startups dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but don’t understand the meaning of hard work.
2. Absorb good advice. Listen to what others have to say:  particularly marketing experts and successful business people.
3. Keep it simple.
4. Count the costs.
5. Earn while you build.
6. Talk up your business and promote it.
7. Network with a purpose.
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Best Business Tip – Stay Healthy

Steven Jobs CEO Apple gave the best advice.
Look after your Health.
The six best Doctors in the World.
1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self Confidence
6. Friends.

It’s never too late. Be fit. Stay healthy.

How to Become (and stay) Motivated

1. Set goals.  Goals give you a direction to focus on – one that’s measurable and has an end point. This can help you to stay motivated.
2. Choose goals that interest you. You’re much more likely to stay motivated if you’re working towards something that you genuinely want to do or achieve,
3. Make your goal public.  Motivate others.Promote your goal on Social.
4. Plot your progress. When you’re working towards something, it can be really motivating  especially when you see evidence that you’re making progress.
5. Use rewards. Promise yourself some sort of reward each time you complete a task.
6. Don’t do it alone. Join a business or networking group on Social or someone you can share the experience with. Other people’s encouragement can be a huge boost.

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